The Best Selling 22R/RE 4x4 Header ON SALE

A sale like this hasn't happened in a long time! Starting in August and running though September, we have all the street headers and the Pro Flow exhaust systems on sale. This doesn't happen very often so take advantage today and Save 10%.

The best selling and highest quality header for the four wheel drive Toyota trucks is on sale for a limited time. Made right here in Lake Havasu City, Arizona we have the California Smog approved Stainless Steel, Ceramic Coated header. This is bolt on horsepower for all 22 engines. We have seen an increase in horsepower of over 10 extra ponies being unleashed by increasing the exhaust flow over the stock exhaust manifold. An increase in horsepower and torque but it will not be detrimental to your MPG, or longevity of the engine. Our proven header kits all come with gaskets needed for installation. These kit uses OE Toyota exhaust gaskets with the heat shield to protect the spark plug wires. Utilizing the factory gaskets wiill make it easy to find a replacment if they ever need to be replaced.

4 Wheel Dive Toyota Header 22R 22RE 22RET
Street Header Kit 4wd Direct-Fit 22R/RE 1985-1995 Pickup Or 4Runner 50 State LegalĀ  C.A.R.B. EO: D-462-1

The Direct Fit headers will bolt to the stock catalytic converters in the stock location. The custom fit will be for those that are going to build a custom exhaust from the header back.

Save Now only $359.95

1041036 Street Header Kit 4wd Direct-Fit 22R/RE 1985-1995 4X4 Header
1041037 Street Header Kit 4wd Direct-Fit - 22R/RE 1982-1984

1041038 Street Header Kit 4wd Custom-Fit - 22R/RE 1985-1995
1041039 Street Header Kit 4wd Custom-Fit - 22R/RE 1981-1984

The Best Toyota 2 Wheel Drive Header

We didn't want to leave the two wheel drive guys out of the huge savings, so you get the same deal on the header for two wheel drive Toyota trucks. This header features the same Stainless Steel construction as all the headers we build. The header kit will come with all the necessary gaskets for trouble free installation. The direct fit kits will come with the connector pipe that will bolt directly to the catalytic converter location on most trucks. These two wheel drive header kits fit both manual and automatic transmission vehicles.

Two Wheel Drive Toyota Header

Note: Some two wheel drive trucks may need extra fabrication to the connector pipe in order to hook up to the stock exhaust.

Now Only $359.95

2wheel header

1041030 Street Header Kit 2 Wheel Drive 22R/RE 1985-1995 Pick Up Or 4Runner
1041031 Street Header Kit 2 Wheel Drive Direct Fit 22R/RE 1982-1984

1041032 Street Header Kit 2Wheel Drive Custom Fit22R/RE 1985-1995
1041033 Street Header Kit 2wd Custom-Fit 22R/RE 1981-1984

Match The Pro Flow Exhaust System To The Header

The Pro Flow Exhaust is a perfect match for the high flowing LCEngineering header. The exhaust system features all Stainless Steel tubing with a Magnaflow Stainless Steel muffler, a polished Stainless tip and the steel flange made by the LCE CNC mills. This whole exhaust system is Ceramic coated for extra protection against the elements and to keep the heat away from the underside of the truck. Tail pipe exits in the factory location for a clean look.

Toyota Pickup Exhaust System

Was $399.95 On Sale Now $359.95

1042000 Pro Flow Exhaust 22R/RE & 3VZ2WD & 4WD Pickup Trucks Only 1985-1995

Pro Flow Exhaust Specials
Toyota truck Exhaust From LCEngineering.com

All Pro Flow Exhaust On Special $359.95

Ported Toyota Manifold

Ported 22RE EFI Manifold

LC Engineering has been offering the ported manifolds for decades now. Get the most air flow to your engine though our ported manifolds. Optimized for clean air flow for the 22RE these stock manifolds are chemically cleaned before we work our porting magic. The throttle body opening is enlarged perfect for the big bore throttle body we offer. The gasket surface is opened up to allow a bigger volume of air to pass though.

1060001 EFI Intake Manifold 22RE(83-88)
EFI Intake Manifold 22RE(89-95)

ON SALEOn Sale $350.00

Plus $100 Core

Tacoma Ported Manifold

When your trying to squeeze every bit of horsepower from your engine, air flow plays a huge part in power. We offer a cleaned and ported intake manifold for the Tacoma trucks 1995 to 2004. When we get the cores back in and we look into the upper plenums it amazing that the trucks even ran. What we see is a whole lot of oily carbon build up that hurts the air flowing though the manifold. Just by cleaning the plenums out has to free up some horsepower but we take it even further by porting all the openings in the manifold maximizing air flow. Match these manifolds with our big bore throttle body to gain extra horsepower for your Tacoma.

1060009 EFI Intake Manifold 2RZ/3RZ 8 Port Small PCV 1060019 EFI Intake Manifold 2RZ/3RZ 8 Port LargePCV
1060006 EFI Intake Manifold 2RZ/3RZ 4 Port

On Sale $350.00Sale LCEngineering.com

Plus $100 Core

Tacoma Ported Intake

Tech Department

Since we are doing an exhaust special this month, here is the link to our exhaust tech pages. Need help with another aspect of Toyota? Check out our full Tech page with valuable information for your Toyota engine. Not seeing what you need call our tech department 1-928-855-6341.

LCE Tech Page Exhaust

The Trick Cases From LCE

Trick Case for your I Phone

We have new Billet Aluminum iPhone 4 and 4S cases designed and Made in America. This new line of phone cases will be expanding into other brands soon. We now have in stock a whole range of exciting anodized colors for you to choose from. Call the sales desk to find out more 1-877-505-2501.

$69.95 Introductory

Price includes USPS shipping in the USA

Reader Ride

This month we have a 4Runner out of Florida. When you submit your photos to us be sure to include some info about your truck and what you have done to it. Thanks for all the photos and keep them coming.

Toyota 4 RunnerToyota Performance at its finest


Here is Simon from Canada a very long time LC Engineering customer . He uses his truck in Mud racing and has done very well racing his clean Toyota though all that dirty mud. Simon is running the Pro Fuel Injection computer with an engine he built with all LC Engineering parts.

Simion Toyota TruckSimion Racing

Toyota at the lineToyota Tough


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