2WD & 4WD 1984 -1995 Header Kits

Application: 1041030 - Header Kit - 22R Street Header Kit - 2WD (81-95) 50 State Legal
1041036 - Header Kit - 22R Street Header Kit - 4WD (81-95) 50 State Legal

Installation: Follow the steps in the service manual for disassembly and removal of exhaust manifold and header pipe. Remove bracket from bell housing that retains original header pipe. This bracket will not be re-used.

Clean all gasket surfaces before installing gaskets provided in header kit. Install header. Tighten all fasteners to factory torque specifications. We do not recommend using any silicone type sealant on the exhaust system. Silicone based sealants could cause damage to your oxygen sensor.

The header connector pipe may require some modifications to be installed on a particular vehicle due to Toyota's production changes with various exhaust systems used by the OEM supplier. We try to cover all these exhaust changes to make the installation as easy as possible. Any Additional modifications required are to be performed by the installer.

Damaged Exhaust Studs: LC Offers New Exhaust Studs & Nuts Mounting kit. Header Stud Mounting Kit Part #1045030

Air Injection Manifold: On some models there is an Air Injection Manifold that bolts to the flange of the factory exhaust manifold, this manifold will need to be Re-Installed on the header. To perform this installation you will have to remove the bolt tab that interferes with the number 4 (rear) header tube on certain year applications.

No Air Injection Manifold: On Models with no air injection the Block off Plates that are bolted to the factory exhaust manifold will need to be removed and reinstalled using the gaskets provided.

Warning: Verify the length of the bolt used on the air injection manifold. The bolt can not protrude past the header flange. Use flat washers to space the bolts properly.

Carb Decal: For customers in California or other states where Carb Certification is required. The CARB EO # is engraved into the header flange.

You do not need to use any type of header, wrap thats what the ceramic coating is for.

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