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    Believe it or not, there is a huge difference between using a cylinder head "stud" and a cylinder head "bolt."  Factory head "bolts" will eventually stretch and pull out of the cylinder head, leaving a not-so-wonderful opportunity for a blown head gasket, warped cylinder head or costly damage to the engine block.  It is highly recommended that you DO NOT install used head "bolts." 
    You have two choices when re-installing a cylinder head.  1) Use brand new cylinder head "bolts" (Part#1024063) or 2) install a new set of cylinder head "studs" (Part#1024069).  Cylinder head "studs" CAN be reused and allow the head to be evenly torqued down.  In performance and high compression applications, it is recommended that you go to a cylinder head "stud" set up.  For technical assistance, please call our tech
department at 928.855.6341.

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