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Choosing the Right Clutch /  Flywheel

 Choosing the Right Clutch / Flywheel
    Choosing the correct combination of Clutch and Flywheel for different driving applications can be confusing, and yet, it's a critical decision.  The wrong combination can set you back in the performance and reliability that you're looking for.

    Lightweight flywheels are designed for use in most 2WD applications such as street, circle track and drag racing (factory Toyota flywheels range in weight between 22 and 24 pounds).  A lighter flywheel carries less reciprocating weight, which in turn, allows the driver to bring the RPM's of the engine up faster and shift through the gears quicker.  LC Engineering manufactures a full range of lightweight flywheels from 9 to 16 pounds.

    Heavy, or High-Torque flywheels are best used on 4WD applications such as street, off-road racing and rock crawling.  A heavy flywheel has a greater inertia bank and allows the engine to keep the torque range it was built for.  This is ideal for vehicles with large tires and tall gears.  LC Engineering manufactures a 30-pound (8 7/8") and a 35-pound (9 1/ 4") heavy-duty flywheel for your high-torque needs.

    Clutches also play an important role in your vehicles performance depending on application.  LC Engineering carries three high performance clutch discs for every application.  The LC Pro Clutch Disc has a high strength fiber material on both sides of the disc and is best used on street or light off-road applications providing you with smooth operation and

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tremendous holding power.  The LC Dual Comp Clutch Disc is made with fiber lining on one side with high-grade ceramic pucks on the other side and is best used in for extreme street and heavy off-road use.  The LC Pro Ceramic Clutch Disc is made with high performance ceramic on both sides for maximum holding power.  Recommended for racing and extreme applications only.

    LC Engineering is committed to providing our customers with the right Clutch & Flywheel combinations specific to their needs. 

    Call our Sales Department for specific information at 877-505-2501.

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