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LC Pro Distributor

 LC Pro Distributor

An often forgotten component, but an extremely important one for the performance of your engine is the Distributor. The Distributor redirects all the high voltage coming from the coil into the correct cylinder in order to create ignition.

The LC Pro Distributors are an absolute must for all performance applications, especially circle track, off-road, hot street or any race application. These Pro Distributors have a modified advance curve that will provide the appropriate ignition timing for your performance engine.



LC Pro Distributors

LCE offers two versions of our Pro Distributors:

-Vacuum Advance (#1081051): Recommended for Street, Off-Road, Daily Driven and some Mild Performance Applications where added fuel economy is desired.(If you are not racing or you drive your vehicle on the street, this is the distributor you need).

-Non-Vacuum Advance (#1081045): Recommended for High Performance Racing Applications.

Inside the LC Pro Distributor


Distributor Polarity: Positive wire is white. Negative wire is red.
Some users will like to advance or retard timing, as each motor is different (i.e. compression ratio, head milling, etc).  Please call our Technical Department for specific applications at 928-855-6341.

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